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Perivale Park Golf Course

Already supports wild life and
Song Thrush
Photograph By  M .Bowey

Cash strapped Ealing Council

In 2019 Ealing Council (EC) was £50m in deficit with their finances and told the  residents that they are in for long haul?

Forward to 2023, failing to address the cost of living crises, cutting social care for the elderly, not tackling anti-social behaviour ,Street cleaning the list is endless?

Recently,  EC wasted Public money on Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme (LTNs) which they had to abort after resistance from the local residents.

 Ealing Councllors are proposing a Grandeur New Regional Park (NRP) that Local Resident are opposing.

The level of resident engagement on NRP proposal by the Council has been negligible, which was made very clear to the Council by Perivale Park Golf Club (PPGC)  Club captain

Leslie Glancy.

It is most disappointing that despite reassurances given by the Council, there has been no response especially to our request under FOI regarding Feasibility Study, when was it commissioned, the terms of reference and when is it due for submission to the Council and the public, still waiting ?

 Therefore, it is completely understandable for the anger and frustration of local residents who feel like their voices have been ignored.

The lack of clarity that residents have received on early stages of this project, could have been avoided by a more meaningful engagement and consultation process?  The residents opinion must be listened to by reasonable continous dialogue before  any decision is taken ?

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