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 Sign Our Petition: Be the Voice of Change 

A Single Signature, A Powerful Impact



  The Power of Your Signature  

In this pivotal moment, the fate of Perivale Park Golf Course hangs in the balance. Every signature has the power to tip the scales. When you sign our petition, you do more than just show support; you actively join our fight to preserve the heritage of Ealing's green spaces and to keep the legacy of golf thriving in our community.

Champion the Cause:
Save Perivale Park Golf Course.
Lend Your Support:
Sign the Petition for Lasting Change.
     Why Your Signature Is a Declaration?   

​Your signature champions the conservation of this historic landmark, a golf course for working class people where for a reasonable cost people of all ages and abilities can enjoy all the physical and social benefits golf brings. Our golf club attached to the course is the absolute anthihasis of the snobbish clique ridden organisation that is so often associated with golf clubs. Amongst our membership we have over 20 different ethnic groups. Some of our people have suffered racism violence and discrimination. They have worked hard and made a place for themselves and their families in the UK. The course and our club is what they have striven for all their lives, somewhere where they are accepted, somewhere that the don't have to assert themselves but are accepted for who they are and their ability to play golf. 

A Green Future: Support a vision where golf and nature coexist harmoniously, benefiting our environment and future generations.

  How to Amplify Your Impact?  
  • Commit with a Click: Signing is easy. Simply visit our page and use the ‘Click and Go’ button below to add your voice.

  • Create a Ripple Effect: Share the petition with your friends, family, and network. Each share extends our reach, amplifying our collective voice.

  • Demand Accountability: Your signature sends a clear message to Councillor Peter Mason and other Ealing Council leaders from the Labour Party. We are committed to seeking their direct responses and will transparently post their statements, giving them an opportunity to respect and address the concerns of our engaged community.

Our United Campaign This campaign is about more than just saving a golf course; it's about safeguarding the soul of our community. Your signature is a powerful tool that not only shows support but also demands attention and action from those in positions of influence.

Your Voice, Our Victory Make your mark. Sign the petition. Be the catalyst for change. Join us as the heartbeat of #SavePerivaleParkGolf.

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